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Parkour Classes

The art of Parkour is centered around practicing conscious movement, maximizing efficiency, minimizing the risk of injury, building strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Students on this exciting journey will learn to master themselves as they traverse the world around them. Using a vast arsenal of skills like climbing, running, jumping, rolling, swinging, vaulting, balancing, and flipping combined with stretching, meditation, and healthy habit-forming practices, students quickly gain the mind-body connection necessary to gain the advantage in any movement discipline.

The Foundry - Youth Parkour Ages 4-6

Billets - Youth Parkour Ages 6-8

Got a little one who's ready to run? Or a kid who thinks the living room is a jungle?
The Foundry & Billets Programs are tailor-made for children ages 4-8 who want a chance to use their energy constructively while also learning the basic skills necessary to become tomorrow's Parkour Masters! These classes focus on the development of physical strength and stamina but also the ever so important social and emotional growth youngsters need! Classes include a variety of station based skill learning for foundations of movement and a healthy amount of conditioning, all cleverly disguised as gameplay and challenges. Students in this program can expect to practice skills like running, jumping, climbing, rolling, swinging and many more in a safe and controlled environment.

Blades - Intro to Parkour Ages 9-12

So, you’ve got talent… Let’s build you some skill!
The Blades Program is designed for young athletes looking to learn and develop the basic skills of Parkour in a fun and safe environment. In this introductory program, students will begin their journey towards Parkour mastery. They will learn to be proficient in the basic movements of Parkour, including better running, jumping, climbing, rolling, and of course all the iconic vaults and flips that have made the art of Parkour famous worldwide. The class also incorporates the use of bars, martial arts, and trampoline. Students will be introduced to key concepts of self-development and be given goal sheets, at-home stretches, meditation, and breathing exercises to encourage consistent growth as individuals and athletes.

Philosophers - Adult Park Ages 18+

Still got it?...
The Philosophers program is an opportunity for adults of any ability level looking to get in a good workout and have some fun. Who knows, you might even learn something new! In this out-side the box PE class, students use the art and philosophy of Parkour to build strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility. This class encourages students to achieve the long term benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Skill development is consciously centered around forming habits for good posture and a positive mindset. Classes will regularly include guided lessons and tips for practice at home on topics other than Parkour including meditation, yoga, kung-fu, and calisthenics as well as basic physics, anatomy, and nutrition. Start moving better now, your best day is still ahead of you!

Starting in September, tuition will be charged per month. Fees will be set according to the amount of weeks in the month. Tuition will be charged on the 25th of the prior month and re-enrollment is automatic.

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